In addition to leading weekly meetings, the Bee Club Presidents take part in beekeeping activities, event coordinating, peer education, and more.



Sophie Gregoretti is our most senior Bee Club member and leader. She originally joined during her freshman year as a way to meet new people who shared her concern for the environment. Sophie quickly became deeply involved in the club, and was elected President her sophomore year. She has created a plan for club members to learn about the importance of pollinators and, more importantly, get to work saving them. Her work to engage members and volunteers through educational presentation, group excursions, and workshops can all be found under the Activities tab.



Wakako Okuda (Waka) joined Bee Club as a member in her freshman year. Combining her interest in biology with a passion for art, Waka took to designing Bee Club's logo and merchandise for fundraisers. Waka was elected to be an additional Club President in her junior year, where she led Bee Club's legislation project to propose becoming a Bee City (a town that funds events and resources towards supporting pollinators) to the Select Board of the Town of Lexington. Bee City activities can be found in the header. Waka is one of the most senior Bee Club members who frequently works alongside local beekeeper Alix Bartsch in hands-on beekeeping.

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